Hello, you, right there! Thank you for paying a visit to my website. The content is focused around my DIY and gaming hobbies.

In the projects section you can find all sorts of DIY projects of mine (that I remembered to document, that is), and in the gaming section there's a near complete list of my video game collection and a link to my Twitch channel. I'm also considering on doing let's plays if I have the time. On the blog I write rather random stuff about life and updates on still unfinished DIY stuff. I hope you enjoy your stay!

I'm not dead!
26.1.2015 - 08:22
I've just been a little busy, that's all. :E

So, I finally started on my quest to play as many Castlevania titles as possible. I've been hoarding them like crazy but haven't got myself to play them yet (as it is for a bunch of other games). All the games will be played live at Twitch by default. I'll be streaming in Finnish/English, depending on the audience. If you have no idea what I'm saying, shout out and I'll switch straight to English. It wouldn't hurt for me to train on the actually-speaking-out-loud -bit of the language. There's a small chance of me quitting halfway through or something but let's pray that doesn't happen!

So I'm not a big fan of emulators. I don't touch them unless I really have to, or unless it's on an official system (Virtual NES/PS1 games from PSN). Thus playing the NDS titles is still under a question mark, as I'll have to find/mod myself a DS with a capture chip. It's not too expensive if I go with the original DS, really, but the thought of having a 3DS ready for video capture would be really neat. But I'll solve that later in February. Anyways, I'll try to make the DS titles to happen. The 3DS was just a thought if I decide to include the Lord of Shadow series in this little quest, but I suppose I can get Mirror of Fate as the HD release from PSN instead.

And regarding this site! I still need to add that projects section, god dammit. But it WILL happen! I actually sort of have kind of material for it! And I finally need something to replace the placeholder logo... Sooooooon™.

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